High Energy Materials Society of India (HEMSI), Pune has done a commendable work in promoting awareness and interest about High Energy Materials in education institutes, research organizations and industries. In order to spread its wings and to increase the participation of intellectuals from the northern region, HEMSI Chandigarh-Delhi Chapter was inaugurated as the fifth Chapter of HEMSI on 24th Jan 2008. This chapter has headquarters at Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (TBRL), Chandigarh, which is one of the important laboratories among missile cluster laboratories of DRDO.

TBRL has contributed significantly for the past 50 glorious years in various technologies areas of detonics, synthesis and performance evaluation of high energetic materials. It has brought many laurels to the country in developing technologies which have strengthened its efforts to achieve self-reliance in critical areas relevant to national security. CFEES, Delhi is promoting the interests of society at Delhi under the aegis of this chapter.

Chandigarh-Delhi chapter has a focus towards developing high explosive technologies through collaboration with national and international experts. These includes developing insensitive explosive compositions having tailored properties for military applications, formulating test protocols for insensitive munition Compliance, establishing state of art experimental evaluation techniques of the explosive devices, conceptualizing and establishing micro-detonics techniques for systematic studies in nano-energetic and many more. This chapter is also sensitive towards the need to develop environmentally compatible explosives and synthesis route.

In the short duration after its inception it has enrolled more than 350 members from different DRDO laboratories, academic institutions and industries to keep our scientists abreast with the technologies advances. This chapter arranges periodic lectures on high energy materials and related fields by renowned scientists and academicians from various institutions. It has organized several technical meets where lectures were delivered by prominent personalities from India and abroad on various aspects of energetic materials.

In the first year of it’s inception, the chapter successfully organized the First National Symposium on Trends in High Explosive Technology (TEXT-2008) in Nov 2008 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee celebrations of DRDO. This chapter has also organized 8th International High Energy Materials Conference and Exhibits (HEMCE-2011) during 10-12 Nov 2011 at TBRL, Chandigarh under the aegis of High Energy Materials Society of India, Pune to celebrate the Golden Jubilee year of TBRL.

In 2022, the chapter has successfully organized the 13th International High Energy Materials Conference and Exhibits (HEMCE-2022) from 26th-29th May’ 2022 at TBRL, Chandigarh.

In addition to this, during the last 15 years, this chapter has organized many seminars and workshops where many Scientists from DRDO, academic institutions and industries have participated.

In future this chapter promises to penetrate further in the comity of scientists engaged in the field of high energy material research to realize the objectives set by HEMSI.