High Energy Materials Society of India
Chandigarh-Delhi Chapter

Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory, Chandigarh

              TBRL was established in 1961 as one of armament research laboratories, under the Department of Defence Research & Development with an aim to provide facilities for applied research and technology development in the fields of high explosive processing, detonics and shock performance evaluation of warheads & other armament systems.

Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory Sector-30, Chandigarh - India
The laboratory has it's headquarter at sector 30, Chandigarh and technical area knows as TBRL Range, spread over 5500 acres at village Ramgarh, District Panchkula, Haryana. TBRL Ranges are divided into a number of technical zones / trial areas which have been so designed and spaced as to allow conduct of experimental trials independent of each other. Each technical zone has been equipped with highly specialized instruments and diagnostics facilities, which generate critical inputs for the design and development of warheads and other armament systems. The main feature of the trial areas that the instruments are kept in the strong RCC bunkers and explosive or ammunition are detonated in the open. This gives flexibility in operation and permits explosion of high caliber warheads, ammunition and large explosive charges with adequate safety measures.

TBRL was being inaugurated by Honorable Defense Minister of India S. Swaran Singh along with Founder Director Dr. Sampooran Singh .

Rail Track Rocket Sled (RTRS) National Test Facility of TBRL Chandigarh

Dr. Manjit Singh
Vice Chairman Local Chapter
OS & Director, TBRL, Chandigarh